Magnetic Robot Puzzle – 3D Printing Build

What You Will Need:

3D Printed Parts

Parts have been designed for dual extrusion however you can print in a single color as well. For Dual Extrusion you will need to set it up to print the two colors when slicing then merge the two parts together.

  • Filament choice not all that important. I used HTPLA from Proto-Pasta.
  • 0.2mm layer height.
  • 25% infill.
  • Support optional.

Assemble the Robot

  1. Remove any support if you used it.
  2. Check the magnet orientation using whatever it is you plan to attach the robot to.
  3. Use superglue or similar to  glue the magnets into the back side of each of the parts.
  4. Add any paint or decoration optionally.
  5. Your robot is now ready to attach to the final surface. Enjoy!

Thanks for taking the time to explore the project, I hope you try it and if you do I’d love to hear your feedback and see pictures of your build!