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Free Downloads

Free designs available for download. Designs are hosted exclusively at and all downloads redirect there.


Infinity Headphone Stand

This headphone stand is a universal stand and should fit most standard sized headphones. This is a 2-part design that simply requires gluing the top and base together. The top is customizable to include a logo or text of your choice (Fusion 360 design files available for Top to customize).

Infinity iPhone Stand

This iPhone dock is designed to work as a charging dock as well as enhance the sound of your device by projecting sounds forward instead of down.

This stand is designed for the OEM Apple charger but others may or may not work as the spacing is tight. 

Infinity Laptop Stand

Printable Laptop stand. Included are various sizes that were designed to fit the Macbook Pro (2015 AND 2016/2017 versions).

SD Card Hub

Printable SD Card Hub file. Fits 7 standard SD cards.

Angled Speaker Bases

Printable speaker base to angle your desk speakers toward your ears for a better listening experience.

Minnie Mouse Silhouette Bow Holder

Printable Minnie Mouse Silhouette Bow Holder. Comes in 2 parts that are then glued together.

Moon and Star Wall Hooks

Printable Moon and Star Wall Hooks for a kid's room. The files include both the Moon and Star hooks in 2 configurations - combined or seperated.